Article 06. Pore

You Can't Actually Shrink Your Pores

When it comes to skincare, pore caring often comes to our mind.
A lot of different factors can affect their size and appearance, It's pretty common to dislike the look or size of your pores. Even though you can't shrink your pores, you can do plenty of things to help minimize their appearance depending on the different type of pore deterioration.

The Mechanism of Pore Deterioration

  • Increased vertical pores

    due to lack of elasticity

  • Enlarged horizontal pores

    due to excess sebum

  • Discolored and darkened pores

    due to hyperpigmentation

Then, how should I do Pore care?

No worries, we break it down all pore care tips by different pore types.

Tightening Vertical Pores

Vertical pores due to aging requires moisturizing and firming care. The more vertical pores you have, the saggier your skin may become, so pore care is more important than anything else to maintain youthful skin. Focus on laying the foundation for your pores by keeping them tight.

The key to vertical pore care is to use the same tips as anti-aging care and keep your skin constantly moisturized.

Tightening Horizontal Pores

Horizontal pores, which get wider and wider, are caused by sebum and blackheads. You should concentrate on cleansing to take care of horizontal pores due to sebum production. It is important to wash your face thoroughly to facilitate sebum production and prevent accumulation of skin impurities and dirt. Deeply cleanse your face, even inside the pores, and exfoliate regularly to keep skin cells and impurities from filling up your pores.

The key to horizontal pore care is to regularly remove sebum and skin cells and keep your face clean with thorough cleansing.

Tightening Darkened Pores

Darkened pores are primarily caused by blackheads. Blackheads form when hair follicles in your skin are clogged by excess sebum, oxidated, and darkened. Without properly removing these blackheads, the pores sag and it becomes difficult to lay a clean and healthy foundation for your skin.

The key to darkened pore care is to thoroughly cleanse your face and regularly clear your pores using pore packs.


NO. Sebum is somewhat necessary for protecting the skin. Removing sebum intentionally may rather cause the skin to produce even more sebum in a vicious cycle, so deep cleansing is recommended only 1-2 times a week.

NO. Using oil control film often does not make your skin more irritated. But it is better not to touch your face with your hands. The germs and bacteria on your hands may get on your skin, so remember to use oil control film with your hands clean, and your skin will not be so irritated.

NO. There may be a temporary effect, but not so much. It may rather cause your face to flush and break out.

YES. Prolonged UV exposure causes damage to pores! It increases sebum production and induces sebum peroxidation, thereby forming blackheads, so be careful when you go out.

NO. It is encouraged to use nose packs to remove blackheads, but if there is sebum bigger in size than the pores, nose packs may enlarge pores by constraint when pulling out the sebum. Therefore, using nose packs too often may make pores saggy and irritate the skin.

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