Is skin based on genetics?

When we were younger and jealous of friends whose skin is flawless and glowing, grown-ups used to say: “Skin is all about genetics; they’re born with such perfect skin.”

We at SKIN&LAB Skin Barrier Research Center truly wondered:

Does clear, perfect skin come from genetics?
Then which genes are responsible, and how can we create a better environment for these genes using cosmetic products?
This is what we studied, and found the following research article.

Filaggrin Is the Answer.

If filaggrin (FLG) gene mutations generate skin barrier dysfunction and cause skin dryness, wouldn’t using a product with FLG help make the skin more naturally healthy? This ingredient stems from this question.

FLG protein creates the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) included in skin cells since birth. We finally found the answer to this question in FLG, the secret of dry and sensitive skin.

What If There Is Not Enough FLG?

So, What Is the Main Point Of Moisturizing?

Insufficient FLG generates various skin concerns such as dry and sensitive skin, which is why FLG is the basis of skincare and the key to hydration. We developed SKIN&LAB Barrierderm Line for more effective barrier hydration with FLG, which is the NMF that forms corneocytes to maintain a healthy skin barrier, ceramides that are lipids between corneocytes, and hyaluronic acids that form the sebaceous layer.