Is skin based on genetics?

‘Pores’ are like the respiratory organ of the skin, and they protect the skin from discharging sebum and sweat. As a channel through which so many impurities pass, pores must be given daily care to maintain a good state.

Large pores make the skin look dirty and greasy, causing many problems in makeup as well. If foreign substances from makeup enter the pores, bacteria and germs are also more likely to penetrate into the skin, thereby causing blemishes and weakening skin immunity, which deteriorates inflammations.

Then why are pores enlarged?

When we are young, our skin is rich in ingredients that form the dermis such as collagens, elastic fibers, and hyaluronic acid, which keep the dermis dense and firm, thereby leaving the pores tight. On the other hand, since pores of younger skin do not open easily, sebum cannot easily be discharged when clogged. This is why younger skin is more vulnerable to acne.

If pores do not open easily, the air circulation is poor, thereby more easily causing acne, which is anaerobic. However, as we grow older, our skin loses components of the dermis along with elasticity, and whenever the skin produces sebum, the pores open easily to discharge it. We get larger pores in return for less acne, but they are not naturally minimized.

Research by SKIN&LAB

SKIN&LAB Skin Barrier Research Center studied simple tips to take care of increased sebum and skin cells without irritation and tighten the pores. The pores are cleaned with nature-derived Succinic acid, which is a 5th-generation Salicylic acid, after which the skin barrier is taken care of without damage.Also, enlarged and sagging pores can be treated through collagen remodelling on the dermis with natural caffeine.

Caffeine helps prevent skin aging and oxidation with excellent antioxidants.

Composition of Caffeine

Cytokines are formed inside caffeine, they induce cell proliferation and
create protein like collagen, which has a great effect on skin elasticity. Natural caffeine is water soluble and penetrates the skin barrier relatively well, creating an excellent moisturizing and soothing effect.